Anisuzzaman Chowdhury Babu Is Most Famous In His Area “Chittagong”

What could be the reason behind a person becoming famous? Everyone can say this because everyone knows that there must be some special quality behind a person being famous. There are so many people in the world but how many can be famous, how many can proudly bring their name in front of the society. If you want to bring your name in front of the society with pride, you have to be great and honest. Because society will never want to accept a good person. Of course, society will accept a good person. 

Those who are accepted by the society are good people and they can be famous. If you want to be famous then you have to be famous in your society first then you can think of being famous in the world. There are many famous people whom no one knew at first but they have been able to identify themselves as a famous person in the world by their qualities and actions.

?If you do not come to the service of society, if you do not stand by the side of the poor despite your wealth, then society will never accept you. You can never be famous if you don’t accept society as I said before. So if you want to be famous and to be loved by everyone, you must be by the side of any need of the society, then you can be a famous person.

There is one such personality in our society whose name is Mr. Anisuzzaman Chowdhury Rony. He has been able to win the love of everyone for his special qualities. He jumped first in any danger of the society. He always devotes himself to the service of the poor and needy.

?Mr. Anisuzzaman Chowdhury Rony’s father Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was such a man. Who was the hero of the poor. In the shadow of which thousands of poor and helpless people of the society would breathe peace. Everyone is equal in our world, because we are all human. A helpless poor man and a rich rich man are also human beings. 

There are many rich people in the society who look down on the neglected poor and miserable people of the society. Those rich people don’t think of the poor as miserable people. But it is a very wrong thing to do. 

?Gaining wealth is a very easy job but earning respect is the most difficult job in this society.If you can’t keep your dignity to the society after earning wealth, then you have no value because you are the owner of that wealth and being influential. 

So no matter how rich a person becomes, all people have to be seen at a glance, no human being can be seen at a glance. One of the great people of our society, Mr. Anisuzzaman Chowdhury’s Roni is also a very rich man but he has these qualities which is why he is known as such a great person today. He never looked down on anyone, just as the rich and the poor did.

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